Merry (Belated) Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Luke and I spent our Christmas visiting his family in Oregon this year. I hadn’t been there since last Christmas so it was wonderful to be back and see everyone! Almost as soon as we got there Luke was asked if he would play in the Alumni basketball game at his high school. He was an all-star back in high school and he’s still got it! He hasn’t been able to play much basketball in recent years since he tore his ACL on both knees but he decided to put on a brace and go for it. I’m so glad he did! It was so fun watching him in action! 🙂Christmas2013_1_16.175Christmas2013_2If you remember last year, we spent Christmas at Luke’s family’s cabin in the mountains. You can see my post about it here. This year we spent Christmas at their home in Heppner and then headed up to the cabin the next day. Below are some of the awesome gifts everyone got. I’m especially excited about my photography and knitting books and all the classic movies 🙂 A really cool gift that Luke’s brother Sean got was a book titled The Way of the Kings. His brother Ian got it for him while in Europe this past semester and had it signed by the author. Pretty cool!Christmas2013_3_24.15Christmas2013_4_25.25Luke and I gave his parents an album from Pinhole Pro with photos from last Christmas. We had it shipped directly there so I hadn’t seen it when they opened it. It turned out really nice! I will definitely use Pinhole Pro again 🙂 We also received an entire binder full of the best recipes from all the family members. Very excited to try out some yummy dishes! Luke also got a Kindle HDX from his parents…he loves it! Yes, we are spoiled!
Christmas2013_5_24.15The next day we headed up to the cabin which is always super relaxing. We spent time reading, watching movies, hanging out by the fire pit, I finished some knitting projects, and I took lots of pics! We had a LOT less snow this year. We could actually drive to the cabin. Usually it can only be reached by snowmobile in the winter time. It was actually kind of nice being able to drive there…but I would have preferred lots of snow! Oh well, next year 😉Christmas2013_6_24.25Speaking of taking lots of pics…I took A LOT of pics of Luke and I :). Luke got me a really awesome travel tripod for my birthday this year and I recently ordered a wireless remote for it…so we had to test it out…in several different locations 😉 We even got Luke’s dog Bella in some of the shots!
Christmas2013_7_40.5Christmas2013_8_24.25Christmas2013_9_25.25I can’t talk about the cabin and not mention the new sauna Luke’s dad built! What a great way to escape the cold weather! The sauna sits just to the left of the cabin in it’s own little house. When you walk in, there is a room with a shower, towels, and some water to cool off with. To the left is the sauna. My lens wasn’t quite wide enough to get the whole sauna in the picture but it’s just about big enough to fit 6 or so people.
Christmas2013_10_26.306Below are some more pics taken with my new tripod and remote :). I had just finished knitting that headband for a friend and wanted to get some pics of it before mailing it off.
Christmas2013_11Christmas2013_12_25.306We also got a family pic out on the lake, minus Ian who was still in Europe 🙂 I was afraid we might fall through…but we all made it out with our lives!Christmas2013__1316.5Last but not least, Ian came home! He had spent the last semester studying abroad in Italy. We all drove to Portland on the 30th to pick him up from the airport. We had dinner together and then we spent the night at a hotel near the airport so that Luke and I could fly out early the next morning. I’m so glad we got to see Ian, but wish it would have been for longer!Christmas2013_14Christmas2013_15Christmas2013_16_13.694At least we got one family picture together with everyone! Merry Christmas from the Murrays 🙂2013-25-12-ChristmasOregon-90-MerryChristmas

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Luke and I have been spending the Holidays in Oregon with his family. We’ve been having so much fun visiting with everyone and spending time at their cabin in the mountains which can only be reached by snowmobile! Below are some pictures of their cozy cabin 🙂Christmas1Their cabin is located in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon. Every other year they spend Christmas up there. It is quite a lot of work to have Christmas at the cabin…but totally worth it 🙂 They prepare by hauling up all the gifts, food etc on sleds attached to snowmobiles a few days before so that we’re all ready to go Christmas Eve after Midnight Mass. After Mass we drove up to the mountains and from there we jumped on snowmobiles and it’s about a 30 minute ride. As you can see…we had a very white Christmas!
Christmas2I had lots of fun taking pictures on my NEW awesome camera! (Thank you sweet amazing husband!!!) I went out one evening with Luke and his sister Laurie and was excited to catch some pretty gorgeous light as the sun went down 🙂Christmas3The rest of the pictures are from Christmas day. Below is a glimpse into the cabin and a few of our gifts. It was warm, cozy and relaxing. We’re so thankful to be able to spend time with family and extra thankful to have such a nice place to spend it at! 🙂Christmas4This last picture was taken as we arrived home from the mountains. Luke’s beautiful hometown, Heppner.