Tutorial: How I edit photos using Michelle Kane Actions

I made couple of video tutorials on how I edit photos to share with a friend but I thought it’d be nice to post here in case anyone else is interested. Please keep in mind that I am by no means an expert! I am completely self-taught and this is just two examples of how one could apply a “clean” edit using Michelle Kane Actions and a more dramatic edit to a back-lit photo, also using MK Actions. Below are the two photos I use in the videos.2014-08-05-SophieSeniorPhotos-22-blog 2014-09-05-SophieSeniorPhotos-13-blog

A couple of things to note. This was my first time recording videos so I accidentally left a couple of things out.

First video: I meant to mention that along with adjusting exposure and lens correction in Lightroom, I also adjust the white balance, if needed. Also please pardon the blush that got on her hair in the video, these are just quick videos and not meant to be perfect.

Second video: I accidentally said I was using Michelle Kane’s photo, I meant to say I am using her actions. Also, I didn’t realize that I did turn on the “Airy Haze” layer when I edited this photo originally (featured above and in the beginning of the video).

Hope these videos are helpful!

Michelle Kane Actions featured in the video:

I use the HeARTy Action Bundle (HeART & Soul and Creative HeART Collections) on all of my photos. It really has everything you need to get started and can help you achieve various different looks based on your editing style. Her actions are extremely versatile and have saved me a ton of time on editing 🙂 I highly recommend them!

DC Trip: Part I

Luke and I returned from vacation about a week ago. We were in DC for five days with my sister and then we drove down to C-ville for my brother’s wedding. I took about a billion photos so I’m going to be posting them in installments. One of the evenings I was there, Ann and I decided to go out at sunset to practice taking backlit photos. By the time we left her place the sun was already setting so we only had about 20 minutes of light. Below are a few of my pretty sister! Ann was also practicing but she was using her own camera so all of the pics of me are on her camera except for one at the very end 🙂K-&-A-Backlit-photos

Jake’s Senior Photos

Luke and I were in Charlottesville, VA for my brothers wedding and while we were there I had the opportunity to take my cousins Senior photos. Jake was a good sport putting up with my sister and I telling him where to stand and how to pose. I hope you have an awesome senior year Jake!! 🙂

Finding the Light

So much of photography has to do with light. I’m still trying to understand it all so my friend Aimee offered to help me “find the light” one evening. We drove around town and ended up at this spot. It was actually a little cloudy out which was OK at first because the clouds worked as a natural diffuser. However, as the sun continued to go down a big cloud covered it up ending our photo session prematurely. Bummer!

AimeeAimee had been staying with us for a couple weeks finishing up work here in Florida before moving up to North Georgia. She is gone now and we miss her and her husband!! Two of our good “couple” friends moved this month 😦 We’re sad that they are gone but super happy for them. Below is a picture of Aimee and I at Clam Pass beach. She wanted to go to the beach one last time before leaving Florida. It was a gorgeous day. We thought we’d be chilly in swim suits so we opted for shorts and t-shirts. We ended up being really HOT! Should have known better 🙂Beach

One Year Anniversary!

Happy One Year Anniversary to my sweet husband and I 🙂 We were blessed to celebrate our anniversary at a fancy hotel outside of Hood River, Oregon called the Columbia Gorge Hotel. We had a couples massage, complimentary champagne and breakfast in bed! We are officially spoiled. Thank you to Luke’s parents, Ann and John! The hotel is about 2.5 hours outside of Luke’s hometown. Upon arrival we walked around the cute town of Hood River and grabbed some gluten free pizza…mmm, before heading to our hotel for the evening. We had an awesome time! Yay for one year! Can’t wait to celebrate many many more anniversaries! 🙂columbiagorgehotel

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Luke and I have been spending the Holidays in Oregon with his family. We’ve been having so much fun visiting with everyone and spending time at their cabin in the mountains which can only be reached by snowmobile! Below are some pictures of their cozy cabin 🙂Christmas1Their cabin is located in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon. Every other year they spend Christmas up there. It is quite a lot of work to have Christmas at the cabin…but totally worth it 🙂 They prepare by hauling up all the gifts, food etc on sleds attached to snowmobiles a few days before so that we’re all ready to go Christmas Eve after Midnight Mass. After Mass we drove up to the mountains and from there we jumped on snowmobiles and it’s about a 30 minute ride. As you can see…we had a very white Christmas!
Christmas2I had lots of fun taking pictures on my NEW awesome camera! (Thank you sweet amazing husband!!!) I went out one evening with Luke and his sister Laurie and was excited to catch some pretty gorgeous light as the sun went down 🙂Christmas3The rest of the pictures are from Christmas day. Below is a glimpse into the cabin and a few of our gifts. It was warm, cozy and relaxing. We’re so thankful to be able to spend time with family and extra thankful to have such a nice place to spend it at! 🙂Christmas4This last picture was taken as we arrived home from the mountains. Luke’s beautiful hometown, Heppner.

Mother and Daughter

My beautiful friend Megan and her sweet baby girl let me snag them for some photos yesterday during the Golden Hour. We headed out about 4:30 to get a good hour in before sunset. I was a little worried as we were driving to the location and it started to rain! Thankfully, it let up just in time to catch some gorgeous light. To prepare for the shoot I read this article on one of my favorite websites I Heart Faces. It was fun to try some different things but definitely challenging with the light changing so quickly and the bright sun made it difficult to focus. I recently read about back button focusing so I think I might try that out next time! I decided to add a watermark to my photos for fun…this is my graphic design logo turned photography logo 🙂M&F-1

M&F-2M&F-3M&F-4M&F-6I used a reflector for the shot below. Notice her face is illuminated and she has some beautiful catch light in her eyes! I had planned on using the reflector earlier but it was too difficult to hold and shoot at the same time. It wasn’t until the end that I realized I could prop the reflector up against a step stool I had brought with me and ta da! Gives it a whole different look…M&F-7