Great Falls is one of my favorite places and I was super excited to take Luke there on our trip. Ann and I took him the scenic route through McLean and Great Falls, VA and as we were pulling up to the entrance we noticed it was blocked off! There was a woman there that told us the park was closed…we couldn’t believe it! We decided to drive Luke around some other areas and show him our old house and then try the park again. Thankfully, we lucked out and the park was open when we returned. Apparently it had been closed because it had reached its max capacity. I guess Great Falls is a popular place to hangout over Memorial Day weekend. Ann and I had fun climbing on the rocks and taking pics…but I’m pretty sure we scared Luke to death 🙂Great-FallsAfter spending time at Great Falls we headed to Reston Town Center, where I lived before moving to Ohio and meeting falling in love with Luke! I wanted to show him my old apartments and the Town Center. We started off with some wine at the Tasting Room followed by dinner at one of our favorite restaurants Rio Grande.RTC