DC Trip: Part VI

This will be my final post from our DC trip! I still have lots of photos to post from the second half of our vacation spent in Charlottesville but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post those any time soon as I am headed out of town this weekend, but I’ll try my best!

Ann’s boyfriend Reza was kind enough to take us out on his boat. It had been a beautiful day, but just as we arrived to the boat it started to sprinkle and very soon after started to pour down rain! We were super bummed but that didn’t stop us! We went from bridge to bridge taking shelter until the rain cleared and we were able to dock at the Georgetown waterfront. From there we had dinner at PaperMoon, a yummy Italian restaurant. After dinner Reza took us on the boat to the Reagan International Airport where we could watch airplanes fly in literally right above our heads! It was super cool! I have no idea how we were allowed to be that close to where the planes fly in without security all over us!