The Murray’s Came to Town

Luke’s mom, dad, sister and little brother came to visit us! We had a fun visit filled with a trip to the beach that ended in a front row seats to a wedding!! Mini golf, a ride on Cruise Naples where we viewed how the other half live 🙂 We learned that out of the 300 billionaires in the United States, 100 of them have homes in Naples…so they say! We ended the evening with dinner on Fifth at Cafe Luna…which ended up being a great choice! Live entertainment started at 7:00 pm with El Gato Solea and he was very much enjoyed! Never seen such a happy performer in my life! Talented, too! The highlight was the little girl that got up to dance with him. Adorable 🙂 The weekend ended and I had to head back to work but the fun didn’t stop for Luke and his family. They spent an entire day in Tampa having lots of fun at Busch Gardens and Adventure Island. Then one evening after work, we even went to see a movie at a fancy movie theater in town. All together great time. We were sad to see them go 😦 But so happy they were able to make it out!

Sara came to visit!

My old roomie and good friend Sara came to visit us! I haven’t seen her since my wedding over a year ago so it was so wonderful catching up. We had a great time lounging at the beach and checking out downtown Naples. I wish she could have stayed longer! I miss her already!! We are gearing up for some more visitors tomorrow. Luke’s mom, dad, sister and little brother are coming to town. We can’t wait!! 🙂SarasVisit_blog1Sunday evening we had dinner on Fifth Avenue at a Yabba’s Island Grill. We had eaten there once before with Luke’s dad and brother and knew it was a good choice. After dinner we headed to the Pier for sunset. Unfortunately, it was a pretty cloudy evening so we didn’t get a sunset…but it was still beautiful. The beach always is 🙂SarasVisit_blog2

Happy Birthday to me!

Luke and I celebrated my birthday this weekend! We headed out for an early dinner downtown Naples at Pazzo’s. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed a table outside on 5th Avenue.
Whenever I go out to eat I love to go somewhere that doesn’t just offer gluten free options (meat, potatoes, veggies) but has food that wouldn’t otherwise be gluten free….like pasta! Naples is awesome for gluten free options and they have tons of authentically Italian restaurants. Pazzo’s is rated the number 1 Italian restaurant in Naples and it lived up to it!

They had a separate gluten free menu with lots of options. They had four pasta dishes that could be made gluten free by substituting the regular noodles with your choice of gluten free penne or spaghetti.

I had the tomato soup (so good!) and Pappardelle Ragu Alla Bolognese: Noodles tossed with slow roasted ground veal and beef, arugula, peeled cherry tomatoes, crushed red pepper, pine nuts and freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Luke had bruschetta and Linguini e Crabe: Jumbo lump blue crab, king crab and linguini tossed in a spiced marinara with jalapeño and fresh basil Topped with toasted ciabatta bread crumb.

Both our meals were incredibly yummy! They also gave us a complimentary drink afterwards. It was a combination of chocolate and red wine 🙂After dinner we walked around downtown for a little bit before stopping into Grace and Shelly’s for some gluten free cupcakes and then over to The Brick where Luke had some coffee.It was such a fun night! We thought about going out somewhere to dance but I felt pretty tuckered out at the late hour of 7:45 pm 😉 So we headed home and snuggled up to a movie instead.

Oh! I should also mention…Luke did AWESOME on my birthday presents! First he got me a gift card to Gap so I could get some much needed shorts! (Shorts are year round in Florida :)) Then he totally surprised me and got me the most beautiful drapes for our bedroom!! They are gorgeous! I had registered for drapes when we were married in January but didn’t receive them and it wasn’t something I felt comfortable spending our money on since we didn’t really need them. Every now and I again I would think about how nice they would look but figured we could get them in our next move (in a few years). When I opened his gift I was so surprised! Drapes weren’t even on my radar anymore! Plus they are even more beautiful then the ones I had originally registered for (that were no longer available) so it worked out perfectly! I have the best husband ever…just sayin’ 🙂