Give Thanks Banner – Free Printable

We are getting into the fall spirit over here! How ’bout you guys? I thought I would share this Give Thanks banner I made with everyone. I happened to have all of the supplies on hand so the banner was absolutely free!! Those are my favorite kind of decorations…the free ones 🙂Download the banner hereGive Thanks Banner Printable

Card Stock
X-Acto Knife
Cutting Board

I suggest using card stock to print the banner so the letters aren’t so flimsy. After printing, grab an x-acto knife and a cutting board and use the crop marks as a guide to cut out the squares. If you don’t have an x-acto knife, you can use scissors but it will be much harder to get a clean line. Next grab some ribbon, whatever you think looks nice. I used some ribbon I had saved from our wedding gifts back in January. Next you are going to cut slits into each letter block. You will want to measure the width of your ribbon to know how large of a slit to cut. You can measure where each slit goes or you can just eye ball it (See below for a detailed picture). After you have cut all of the slits, string the ribbon through the banner. That’s it! I used small pins to hang the banner so I wouldn’t damage the wall. Mine hangs above my desk but I think it would look even better hanging on a fire place mantel.

Let me know if you have any questions 🙂 If anyone ends up making this, I’d love to see how it looks in your home! Link to it in the comments below! Also, if there is interest in color variations, leave a comment below…I might make some different colors.

Herb and Vegetable Garden

I’m so excited about our new herb and veggie garden! Luke and I were inspired by the cookbook The Silver Spoon (Thank you Fr. Anton!). We had initially planned on just planting an herb garden…but one thing led to another and now we have some veggies, too! The idea to plant our herbs in a barrel came from this lovely ladies blog. I picked ours up at Home Depot for about 20 bucks. We planned on using plexi-glass to divide the six herbs but I found something less expensive in the same section at Home Depot and it seems to be working just fine!
The six herbs below are planted together in the barrel, with basil planted separately. We just used up a lot of our basil in this recipe last week. Yum!Thanks to our herbs it smells sooo good to sit outside on our front porch! The cilantro has really taken off…I can’t wait to use it in our Mexican Chicken and Rice soup this week! We also decided to plant some veggies and see what happens! We bought two different tomato plants, red bell peppers and some red chili peppers! We found this cute little planter online at Home Depot. Though we don’t live in the city, it’s perfect for our small yard. The planter has a self-contained watering system which means I won’t have to worry about over or under watering. It has received great reviews so I can’t wait to see how it works! I almost forgot…we also planted some garlic! We planted them from some cloves we had in the kitchen and they’ve really taken off in the past week or so! Fun!I spotted this little critter while Luke was planting the veggies. I had to be very careful not to make any sudden movements to get his pic! These little guys can be spastic!Last but not least we also picked up a bougainvillea plant that we are hoping will eventually wrap around the columns framing our front door. Time will tell! Oh, and we got the little scarecrow (above) and a pumpkin to help get into the fall spirit! I also plan on making an autumn wreath soon and then I will post a pic of the front of the house so you can see the “big picture.” Can’t wait until it has all come together 🙂