Nature All Around Us

Luke called me on his way to work this evening to tell me he had seen a beautiful bald eagle on a lamp post outside of our neighborhood. I quickly grabbed my shoes and went out to try and snap a picture before the he flew away. Just as Luke had described, there he was, sitting atop a lamp post. As I got closer and closer to him he began to stare me down. I must admit I became slightly frightened and wondered if bald eagles were dangerous to humans. Did he think my camera was a gun? What have I gotten myself into!? That’s the city girl in me 🙂 Thankfully I escaped and have these pictures to tell my story 😉I must say, there is quite a lot of nature around us here in south Florida. From alligators to bears, panthers, snakes, scorpions, black widows to name a few. I’m not sure how I’ve survived as long as I have!