A Mother’s Love

I took some photos this evening of a friends family for their Christmas card. These two of just her and her youngest son are my favorite 🙂


Baby Felicity

Meet Baby Felicity…is she not the sweetest little baby ever? It was a joy to photograph her. She slept so well for us and it was fun to photograph a baby GIRL for the first time! Congratulations to Megan and Josh on their first born baby! We are praying for God’s blessings upon your new family 🙂

Baby Damien

This weekend I had the opportunity to photograph a friend’s new baby boy. He was 7 days old and an absolute treat to photograph! This little guy was a champ at sleeping. We moved him all around and he didn’t fuss at all! I am expecting this is exactly how it is going to be when Luke and I are blessed with a baby…right?? 😉
This was my second chance to photograph a newborn and I really enjoyed it! I see lots of ways I can improve so I’m looking forward to more opportunities. Thankfully we live in a community where babies abound…so I see many more opportunities in my future 🙂Don’t babies just make you smile? 🙂 Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!