Tutorial: How I edit photos using Michelle Kane Actions

I made couple of video tutorials on how I edit photos to share with a friend but I thought it’d be nice to post here in case anyone else is interested. Please keep in mind that I am by no means an expert! I am completely self-taught and this is just two examples of how one could apply a “clean” edit using Michelle Kane Actions and a more dramatic edit to a back-lit photo, also using MK Actions. Below are the two photos I use in the videos.2014-08-05-SophieSeniorPhotos-22-blog 2014-09-05-SophieSeniorPhotos-13-blog

A couple of things to note. This was my first time recording videos so I accidentally left a couple of things out.

First video: I meant to mention that along with adjusting exposure and lens correction in Lightroom, I also adjust the white balance, if needed. Also please pardon the blush that got on her hair in the video, these are just quick videos and not meant to be perfect.

Second video: I accidentally said I was using Michelle Kane’s photo, I meant to say I am using her actions. Also, I didn’t realize that I did turn on the “Airy Haze” layer when I edited this photo originally (featured above and in the beginning of the video).

Hope these videos are helpful!

Michelle Kane Actions featured in the video:

I use the HeARTy Action Bundle (HeART & Soul and Creative HeART Collections) on all of my photos. It really has everything you need to get started and can help you achieve various different looks based on your editing style. Her actions are extremely versatile and have saved me a ton of time on editing 🙂 I highly recommend them!

Michigan Visit: Part III

Our final day in Michigan arrived and I realized I had not taken any pictures of the beautiful fall colors like I had hoped! To remedy this situation my mom pulled over on the side of the road on our way home from Mass that morning and we hopped out of the car and took these pics 🙂 I think they turned out pretty nice for just picking a random spot on the side of the road! Glad we were able to make it happen! PS wish my dad had been with us! He drives to Mass separately because he’s a sacristan and has to get there early. Oh well, next time!MichiganVisit7MichiganVisit8MichiganVisit9

Sweet David

I spent my Saturday morning/afternoon photographing this sweet little guy 🙂 David was 7 days new and such a  beautiful baby. My friend Michelle came along to help pose and soothe the baby and she was absolutely amazing! Such a help! I don’t think I could ever do this again with out her! 🙂 Here are just a few pics.

Banana Bread with Cream Cheese Frosting

I’m not a fan of banana bread (or anything with banana) but Luke looooves all things banana so I baked him up some banana bread yesterday evening. I thought if I topped it with cream cheese frosting I might like it too 🙂 I could still taste the banana…but the frosting was yummy!BananaBreadI recommend this simple frosting recipe. However, I added a Tablespoon of milk and left out the vanilla this time (and halved the recipe). We used Pamela’s Ultimate Pancake and Baking Mix (gluten free) to make the bread. There is a recipe for it right on the bag 🙂 Luke told me I outdid myself! ha

My Husband

I was recently inspired by another photographer to take pics of my husband and since Luke is such a good sport, he played along 🙂 As you can see from the pics, they don’t call this the golden hour for nothin’. There was some pretty crazy sunflare on the first three images despite my lens hood. I’ll have to learn how to avoid that better in the future.

Exhibit A: my handsome hubby!

Luke&Katie_blog1He also took a few of me…this is my half smile smirk 🙂Luke&Katie_blog2Luke&Katie_blog3Isn’t he handsome?! I guess I’m biased! 😉

DC Trip: Part I

Luke and I returned from vacation about a week ago. We were in DC for five days with my sister and then we drove down to C-ville for my brother’s wedding. I took about a billion photos so I’m going to be posting them in installments. One of the evenings I was there, Ann and I decided to go out at sunset to practice taking backlit photos. By the time we left her place the sun was already setting so we only had about 20 minutes of light. Below are a few of my pretty sister! Ann was also practicing but she was using her own camera so all of the pics of me are on her camera except for one at the very end 🙂K-&-A-Backlit-photos

Jake’s Senior Photos

Luke and I were in Charlottesville, VA for my brothers wedding and while we were there I had the opportunity to take my cousins Senior photos. Jake was a good sport putting up with my sister and I telling him where to stand and how to pose. I hope you have an awesome senior year Jake!! 🙂

Finding the Light

So much of photography has to do with light. I’m still trying to understand it all so my friend Aimee offered to help me “find the light” one evening. We drove around town and ended up at this spot. It was actually a little cloudy out which was OK at first because the clouds worked as a natural diffuser. However, as the sun continued to go down a big cloud covered it up ending our photo session prematurely. Bummer!

AimeeAimee had been staying with us for a couple weeks finishing up work here in Florida before moving up to North Georgia. She is gone now and we miss her and her husband!! Two of our good “couple” friends moved this month 😦 We’re sad that they are gone but super happy for them. Below is a picture of Aimee and I at Clam Pass beach. She wanted to go to the beach one last time before leaving Florida. It was a gorgeous day. We thought we’d be chilly in swim suits so we opted for shorts and t-shirts. We ended up being really HOT! Should have known better 🙂Beach

Baby Agatha

Meet Agatha Lucy. Isn’t she the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen? Her parents, Molly and Nick moved down here after graduating from Franciscan University (where Luke and I met!) and I met them through a mutual friend. As it turned out Molly was in the same program with my roommate at Franciscan and we had met once before and I had a class with her husband. Small world 🙂 Congratulations Molly and Nick! Agatha is precious…May God continue to bless your family.Agatha