Nature All Around Us

Luke called me on his way to work this evening to tell me he had seen a beautiful bald eagle on a lamp post outside of our neighborhood. I quickly grabbed my shoes and went out to try and snap a picture before the he flew away. Just as Luke had described, there he was, sitting atop a lamp post. As I got closer and closer to him he began to stare me down. I must admit I became slightly frightened and wondered if bald eagles were dangerous to humans. Did he think my camera was a gun? What have I gotten myself into!? That’s the city girl in me 🙂 Thankfully I escaped and have these pictures to tell my story 😉I must say, there is quite a lot of nature around us here in south Florida. From alligators to bears, panthers, snakes, scorpions, black widows to name a few. I’m not sure how I’ve survived as long as I have!

Happy Fall!

I love October! I am trying my very best to bring Fall to Florida through some holiday decorations 🙂 I had planned on making my own wreath but I ended up getting an awesome deal at World Market and picked up this wreath for only $10 bucks after coupons! You can’t get much better than that!
Below you can see our little veggie garden. Our tomatoes are doing really well despite all of the rain we’ve had lately. The wheels on the planter have made it really easy to wheel out of the rain and then back into the sunshine. You might also notice our garlic (in the green pot) really taking off!Luke and I recently pruned our hanging impatiens. It had become very long and leggy, as impatiens do, if you let them. I was nervous to prune it back, as I haven’t had much experience in the past. Luke assured me this wouldn’t hurt the plant. Boy, was he right! Two weeks later and the impatiens have never looked better! Look at those blooms! Best decision I ever made (besides marrying Luke 😉 )Pruning the impatiens reminded me of some words of wisdom that were shared with me at my bridal shower (see below). Not only is pruning essential to bear fruit among plants, it is essential in our own lives. Without pruning we can grow out of control.

“Treat your marriage as a new vine in a vineyard. We must tend our relationship carefully. Our ‘vine’ requires sunshine and warmth; these are the times of joy and peace in our lives. Other times our vine needs rain, but it too has a purpose of making our vine grow strong and produce fruit. Sometimes we notice that we are not satisfied with the fruit on our vine, so we give our vine special nourishment, ‘fertilizer’ if you will. Occasionally, we need to ‘prune’ things so that we will produce more fruit. Then there are times when the fruit of our vine is taken and crushed, these are the hard times, yet these are the times that produce the ‘sweet’ juice that becomes the wine we share with our beloved.”

“Every branch of mine that bears no fruit, he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear more fruit” John 15:2