Boston: Part VI

Samuel Adams Brewery was definitely on our list of things to do while in Boston. I can’t actually drink beer since I have to be gluten free (thank you, Celiac Disease) but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the tour…and it certainly didn’t stop Luke from enjoying the beer! The tour was free (they just take donations) and we got to learn all about how they make the beer as well as their new products. Afterwards everyone was able to sample 4 different beers which included a Boston Lager.

8 thoughts on “Boston: Part VI

  1. The Brewery was awesome! Very cool to see how they made the beer, as well as drink free beer, that was pretty cool too! It also made me think about the monks during the middle ages who made beer. I wonder how they did it without all the fancy equipment we have today.

  2. Cary & Aly are into beer tastings. They have posted some really interesting sounding brews. Looks like you guys had a great time in Boston!!

  3. The hub and I were in Boston yesterday! We are staying in Cape Cod celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary! Just missed you would have been so fun to meet up! 🙂 Beautiful pictures of your trip! My hub would have loved the tour…he has been ordering Sam Adams at every restaurant we’ve been to here, haha!

    • Happy Anniversary!! Bummed we missed you guys in Boston, that would have been fun! I hope you guys are having an awesome time in Cape Cod, I bet it is beautiful! haha your husband sounds like my husband with the Sam Adams! Too funny!

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