Boston: Part IV

We had a whole list of things to do while in Boston and one of those things was visiting Boston Public Garden. One gorgeous afternoon we headed down there for a walk and it was absolutely beautiful. I think the pictures speak for themselves!
Boston-Massachusetts-Blog-Post-5Boston-Massachusetts-Blog-Post-7Boston-Massachusetts-Blog-Post-8Boston-Massachusetts-Blog-Post-9Boston-Massachusetts-Blog-Post-10Boston-Massachusetts-Blog-Post-11Boston-Massachusetts-Blog-Post-12That evening we headed over to Beacon Hill and had dinner at The Paramount. After dinner we stopped for some authentic italian ice-cream on the way home.Boston-Massachusetts-Blog-Post-40

4 thoughts on “Boston: Part IV

  1. We were so blessed to have such nice weather that week. Boston is awesome in the spring with all the flowers blooming. I wonder if its as charming in the winter… probably not.

  2. I have to tell you that Boston is really beautiful in the winter when there’s snow on the ground…especially around Christmas time!! I could walk around that city all day long anytime of year….love, love, love it!! Our friends, the Maloblocki’s, ( native Bostonians), would probably enjoy reading this blog post.

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