Boston: Part I

Last month I had an opportunity to take a trip to Boston to attend the HOW Design Live Conference. My company flew myself and a co-worker there to spend a week getting our creative juices flowing. I was also able to attend this conference last year in San Francisco. I feel really blessed that my company encourages us to attend at least a couple conferences a year and I was super excited that this particular conference was taking place in Boston this year. I hadn’t been to Boston since I was a teen so I was looking forward to exploring the city in my down time. Luke didn’t want to miss out so he joined me and we had a blast!

We stayed at the Marriot Copley Place and it was a great location. We were really within walking distance of everything! The hotel was even connected to the convention center so I didn’t even have to leave our hotel to get there.

I flew up on Sunday evening and Luke joined me Monday evening. It wasn’t until we had been there a couple days that Luke said he was going to look for St. Francis Chapel. He had heard it was close to where we were staying. So as Luke was walking me to the convention center one morning, he simultaneously had the GPS pulled up on his phone so he could see how close it was to St. Francis Chapel. We got to the center and Luke said “It looks like it’s really close to here!” and that’s when we noticed it was literally right next door to the convention center. How funny! I went to a conference session and Luke went to Mass. When I returned from my session Luke had run into some friends from Franciscan University at Mass who are now FOCUS missionaries at MIT and Boston College. Small world!

Boston-Massachusetts-Blog-Post-1Below is the view from out hotel room. We had an awesome corner room with two huge windows! I’ve also included some pictures as I explored the area near our hotel before Luke joined me the next day.Boston-Massachusetts-Blog-Post-33

5 thoughts on “Boston: Part I

  1. The mall connected to our Hotel was incredibly helpful. We could go almost anywhere quickly and easily without going outside. Finding St. Francis Chapel so close was also a big plus. However, I’m not sure what the big deal was with ‘Dunkin Donuts’ there. I didn’t think their coffee was that good.

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