Tutorial: How I edit photos using Michelle Kane Actions

I made couple of video tutorials on how I edit photos to share with a friend but I thought it’d be nice to post here in case anyone else is interested. Please keep in mind that I am by no means an expert! I am completely self-taught and this is just two examples of how one could apply a “clean” edit using Michelle Kane Actions and a more dramatic edit to a back-lit photo, also using MK Actions. Below are the two photos I use in the videos.2014-08-05-SophieSeniorPhotos-22-blog 2014-09-05-SophieSeniorPhotos-13-blog

A couple of things to note. This was my first time recording videos so I accidentally left a couple of things out.

First video: I meant to mention that along with adjusting exposure and lens correction in Lightroom, I also adjust the white balance, if needed. Also please pardon the blush that got on her hair in the video, these are just quick videos and not meant to be perfect.

Second video: I accidentally said I was using Michelle Kane’s photo, I meant to say I am using her actions. Also, I didn’t realize that I did turn on the “Airy Haze” layer when I edited this photo originally (featured above and in the beginning of the video).

Hope these videos are helpful!

Michelle Kane Actions featured in the video:

I use the HeARTy Action Bundle (HeART & Soul and Creative HeART Collections) on all of my photos. It really has everything you need to get started and can help you achieve various different looks based on your editing style. Her actions are extremely versatile and have saved me a ton of time on editing 🙂 I highly recommend them!


So, a few months ago I mentioned that Luke and I were in Michigan to see a Priest known for healing and to attend my parent’s ministry, Awaken. Being prayed over was an incredible experience. Fr. Luigi put special oil on our foreheads and prayed in tongues over each of us (including my mom who was there). Afterwards, he gave us a special message which he received while in prayer. We continue to pray for healing and hope we will be blessed to start a family soon. Awaken was a powerful night of music, prayer, preaching, and Eucharistic adoration. Peter Herbeck gave an awesome talk and the Lord touched many hearts that night!