New York City: Part II

While Ann was napping, Luke and I decided to rent some bikes and ride them through Central Park. Neither of us realized that you’re not actually allowed to ride through the Park…only around the park on the designated bike lanes. We definitely got yelled at once, no twice. One time I was in the running lane going the wrong direction and got yelled at by a girl that looked my age. It was terrifying. I felt horrible! Maybe some New Yorkers aren’t very nice after-all…New-York-City-Blog-Post-1New-York-City-Blog-Post-2New-York-City-Blog-Post-3New-York-City-Blog-Post-4New-York-City-Blog-Post-5New-York-City-Blog-Post-6Be sure and check out my other posts from NYC: Part I, Part III, Part IV.

10 thoughts on “New York City: Part II

  1. I was shocked how big central park was. It was crazy how many loops and turns there were. I think it was designed to get you lost….no way I could have made it all around the park…

  2. Ok you two, these photos are so picture perfect…the views are incredible, and I’m thinking there must have been a lot of starting and stopping on this bike ride in the park! hee, hee!!

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