New York City: Part IV

On our last day there we wanted to stop by St. Patricks Cathedral. We were surprised to find that it was under construction. Despite the construction we were still allowed to go inside and see the Cathedral. It was beautiful even though there was scaffolding all over. I’m glad we stopped by.New-York-City-Blog-Post-17New-York-City-Blog-Post-18 After spending time at St. Patricks, we headed down to Bleeker Street in Greenwich Village. I really liked this area of New York…smaller streets with lots of cute stores. Here we ate at another yummy gluten free restaurant, Risotteria. There entire menu is gluten free and they are known for their, you guessed it, risotto!New-York-City-Blog-Post-19Look we found some Murray’s Cheese Retail and Bar! We even found a Murray’s Street later in the day.
New-York-City-Blog-Post-20After lunch we headed down to the Financial District so we could see the new Freedom Tower. By the time we got down there it really started to pour down rain so we decided not to stand in line (outside) for the museum. It was nice to see the new tower up though. Looks great!
New-York-City-Blog-Post-21After this we headed back to our hotel to grab our bags and fly back to sunny Florida. We had a great time visiting with Ann and exploring the city but it’s nice to be back in the warm Florida sun 🙂

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New York City: Part III

Before our trip we bought tickets to “The Ride,” which I thought was supposed to be a bus tour around the city but it really just took us around Times Square…It was an interesting ride…that’s all I have to say about that!
New-York-City-Blog-Post-13 New-York-City-Blog-Post-14 New-York-City-Blog-Post-15After The Ride, we ran into Johnny Depp. He was kind enough to pose for some pictures with Ann 😉
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New York City: Part II

While Ann was napping, Luke and I decided to rent some bikes and ride them through Central Park. Neither of us realized that you’re not actually allowed to ride through the Park…only around the park on the designated bike lanes. We definitely got yelled at once, no twice. One time I was in the running lane going the wrong direction and got yelled at by a girl that looked my age. It was terrifying. I felt horrible! Maybe some New Yorkers aren’t very nice after-all…New-York-City-Blog-Post-1New-York-City-Blog-Post-2New-York-City-Blog-Post-3New-York-City-Blog-Post-4New-York-City-Blog-Post-5New-York-City-Blog-Post-6Be sure and check out my other posts from NYC: Part I, Part III, Part IV.

New York City: Part I

Luke was invited to speak at the Renaissance Society of America conference in New York City at the end of March. Since this was Luke’s first speaking event, I didn’t want to miss it! My sister also wanted to be there to hear Luke speak and spend some time with us so she took the train from DC to NYC and met us there. Luke’s talk was on Thursday evening so we had the rest of the trip free to have some fun exploring the city. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of Luke talking because I was too embarrassed to use my camera during his talk…but he did an excellent job! The topic, was of course, way over my head…but he sounded great and even impressed a professor from KU Leuven who later took him out to lunch. All in all it was a fun trip and a nice break from work, work, work 🙂
New-York-City-Blog-Post-7When we arrived we took a Taxi to Blooms Deli. They have a ton of great gluten free options. We enjoyed sandwiches, burgers and french fries. They even brought us a big bowl of pickles…that none of us touched. haha
New-York-City-Blog-Post-8 The next day while Luke was out to eat with the professor from KU Leuven, Ann and I trekked to another part of the city to have some mac & cheese at S’MAC. The weather wasn’t ideal while we were there. It wasn’t too chilly but it did rain quite a bit. Thankfully on the day with the most rain, a man offered us a free umbrella. Who said New Yorkers weren’t very nice?New-York-City-Blog-Post-9 New-York-City-Blog-Post-10 New-York-City-Blog-Post-11 I’ve been to both Bloom’s and S’MAC on prior trips to NYC. They are favorites of mine 🙂 S’MAC offers a variety of mac & cheeses…from the original All-American to Mediterranean, Cajun and even Buffalo Chicken!New-York-City-Blog-Post-12Be sure and check out my other posts on NYC: Part II, Part III, Part IV.