Luke and I had a really fun time renting a house with some friends of ours who moved away last year. They now live in North Georgia where Barrett coaches the Young Harris tennis team. They were in Florida for some tennis matches so we drove a couple hours to meet them and spend the week with them. The tennis team had an awesome week where they went 3 and 1 and even beat a nationally ranked team! The house was awesome with beautiful views of the bay. It was all a big surprise to me as Luke and Barrett planned the whole thing. I have to say I was quite impressed with the house!BeachTrip_1BeachTrip_2The house was just a few miles from Honeymoon Island. We spent most of our time by the pool at the house but we did get to the beach one day. It was the perfect day for the beach, 70’s with a cool breeze.BeachTrip4One of our favorite things about the house was the zip line into the pool and the hot tub! Below are some animated photos of the boys being boys πŸ™‚2014-11-03-BeachHouse-111 2014-11-03-BeachHouse-176 2014-11-03-BeachHouse-187…and Aimee and I πŸ™‚BeachTrip62014-11-03-BeachHouse-318_870The house even had a kayak that Luke took out one day. He went all around the bay looking at all the big houses.BeachTrip3It was a super relaxing trip …as you can see from the pics below. Luke definitely had a relaxing time πŸ™‚ He cracks me up!
BeachTrip7But alas…we had to say goodbye and leave our friends and the beautiful bay. We’ve been back to work for about a week but Luke has a conference in NYC next weekend so I should have some more travel pics up soon!

13 thoughts on “Vacation!

  1. Looks like you all had so much fun! I love the zip line video…hilarious!! The pics are wonderful. This post makes me want to go there for a visit. So beautiful!

  2. hahahaha I just saw the animated ones (it wasn’t loading before), SO COOL!!! I loved the second one of Luke where he comes out of the water at the end with his mouth open hahahahaha

    • Hi Kaitlyn, thank you! I got my swimsuit from Target πŸ™‚ I couldn’t find any cute, modest suits in the store so I ordered it online. I bought it back in March so hopefully they still have it, if you’re interested! I also just bought a really cute one from Rey Swimwear. They are on the expensive side (I had store credit to use) but they are really good quality. You can find their suits here: I got the Marie in Candy Dots πŸ™‚ Hope this helps!

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