Michigan Visit

Luke and I just got back from a quick trip to Michigan. We were there to check out my parent’s ministry Awaken and to be prayed over by a Priest my mom knows. I’ll talk more about that in another post! We had an awesome time and as an added bonus my sister came into town too! Somehow I spent the whole weekend at my parents house and didn’t get any pictures of my mom OR dad! Oh well, here are the few pictures I did take! PS Ann is wearing another one of the headbands I knit 🙂2014-10-02-MichiganVisit-1As you can see we enjoyed all the snow Michigan had to offer…but BRRR was it COLD! Luke also enjoyed the weekend indoors finishing up his book by Thomas Merton, The Seven Story Mountain.
We braved the cold one more time for some snowy pics 🙂
2014-10-02-MichiganVisit-32014-10-02-MichiganVisit-4And lastly, below are some pics I took on my phone. I enjoyed spending time with Lucy on the couch while I knit Luke a sock! It’s the first sock I ever knit and it actually turned out! Now I just have to get the motivation to knit the second sock… 🙂 OH and Lucy was absolutely adorable with her ball this weekend. She wouldn’t go anywhere without it, it was so cute!phonephotos

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