Black Bear

Yesterday evening I received a text from a friend saying there was a bear in their back yard and that he was headed towards town! Immediately following, Luke and I both received recorded phone calls from Florida Fish and Wild Life alerting us of the black bear and telling us to make sure our trash was indoors and our garages were shut. This isn’t the first black bear to make an appearance in our town…it’s actually becoming quite common! You can read about last years black bear here. I guess it’s just that time of year! In any case, Luke and I decided to go scout him out! We figured he couldn’t have gone far so we drove by our friends house and there he was! He roamed into someone’s driveway and took a look at their trash before sitting down next to a fruit tree. There he knocked fruit down with his paws to eat…it was actually kind of cute πŸ™‚Β As we drove over to find the bear we found it quite comical that basically everyone’s garage door was either open or their trash was out. There was even a group of people barbecuing in their driveway…that’s probably where he was headed! Eventually the police came and scared him away. Just a little small town entertainment πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Black Bear

  1. That is so awesome!!! I live in Ontario, which is essentially the centre of Canada, a few years ago I went to the West Coast to British Columbia. Here, if a bear is on the loose it makes headlines and everyone panics. When I was in BC I was walking around my resort and a black bear was walking in front of me. I froze and just stood there, along with all the other tourists. It was interesting to watch the ‘locals’ as they were walking around it and paying no attention. It was a definite culture shock… in my own country!

  2. Well, I know that black bears are supposedly “harmless”, but he looks pretty big. Glad you were in your car.

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