HOW Design Live: San Francisco

I just got back from a trip to San Francisco for the How Design Live Conference. My company flew myself and two co-workers out there to spend the week being inspired 🙂 This was my first time visiting San Francisco and I was super excited. I packed warm clothes expecting that it would be windy and cold but I was surprised at how dreary and foggy it also ended up being. I’ll admit, it put a slight damper on things but we still had lots of fun.
Sunday morning I headed out to Mass at St. Dominics. It was a very beautiful church.SanFran2Afterwards, Katie and I (yes, we are both Katie’s :)) walked all the way to Fisherman’s Wharf for lunch. On the way we stopped by Lombard street. I have no idea how people live in San Francisco with all the hills! You’ve got to be majorly in shape! I’m just now recovering from all the uphill walking we did!SanFran3SanFran4It was so foggy at the Wharf that we could barely see Alcatraz and we could not see the Golden Gate bridge at all! Kind of a bummer…so we ate lunch and then walked to Pier 69. There we stopped for some Ghirardelli chocolate 🙂
SanFran5On our last day there we all decided that we didn’t want to leave San Francisco without seeing the Golden Gate bridge. So after our last conference session we hopped in a cab and headed for the bridge. To our dismay the bridge was completely covered in fog! Thankfully we stuck around because the fog lifted a little bit. Just enough to see some of the bridge.
SanFran6SanFran7SanFran8The next morning I headed out very early to fly back to Florida. It was a fun trip but I am super happy to be back home with my sweetheart!SanFran9

5 thoughts on “HOW Design Live: San Francisco

  1. Hi sweet Katie!! Your trip to San Francisco sounds like a remake of when I travelled there years ago. Happy for the opportunity, but always glad to be HOME!! Love you, Aunt Paula

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