DC Trip: Part V

In addition to seeing the monuments, we also stopped by the Library of Congress which was situated right next to the Capitol. Luke enjoyed reading the ancient Bibles and seeing the exhibit on the Civil War. Neither of us had ever been there before, Β it was really beautiful inside…just wish we could have had more access to the books πŸ™‚library-of-congresslibrary-of-congress2library-of-congres3library-of-congress4After the Library of Congress, Luke’s dad told us we should check out the Botanical Gardens across the way. Ann met up with us and we all enjoyed seeing the different types of plants. My favorite were the cacti!botanical-gardensbotanical-gardens2botanical-gardens3botanical-gardens4botanical-gardens5

8 thoughts on “DC Trip: Part V

    • All I can say is “wow!”….wonderful views everywhere!! I am reminded of how much you loved the cacti in Arizona when we were there!! I can’t believe I haven’t been to the Library of Congress yet…what’s up with that?! I had no idea it was so absolutely beautiful inside. I MUST go next time I’m in town visiting miss Ann!! I must say that you and Mr. Luke are unmistakably crazy about each other…oh my!! And, last but not least, the photos of you and Ann together are wonderful…warms a mom’s heart. Miss you all so much…:-)

  1. hahahaaha Mom!! We can go together when you come! I’ve never been either! In fact i’d also really like to go to the Smithsonian too!! Good pics Missy…..especially the one I took of you and luke under the tree’s πŸ™‚

    • Ann…I didn’t realize you took some of these pics! That photo of Katie and Luke under the tree is one of my favorites!! Love it…and (hint) would like a copy please! Also, that photo of you in one of the other posts, where you are wearing white capris and sitting down…I need to go back and look, but I love that and would like a copy of that also!! πŸ˜‰ I am blessed to have daughters who love taking photos!!

  2. What a wonderful trip for you two! Especially to spend time with family. The garden is a nice respite from the busy pace all around it!
    Thinking of you two!

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