HOW Design Live: San Francisco

I just got back from a trip to San Francisco for the How Design Live Conference. My company flew myself and two co-workers out there to spend the week being inspired 🙂 This was my first time visiting San Francisco and I was super excited. I packed warm clothes expecting that it would be windy and cold but I was surprised at how dreary and foggy it also ended up being. I’ll admit, it put a slight damper on things but we still had lots of fun.
Sunday morning I headed out to Mass at St. Dominics. It was a very beautiful church.SanFran2Afterwards, Katie and I (yes, we are both Katie’s :)) walked all the way to Fisherman’s Wharf for lunch. On the way we stopped by Lombard street. I have no idea how people live in San Francisco with all the hills! You’ve got to be majorly in shape! I’m just now recovering from all the uphill walking we did!SanFran3SanFran4It was so foggy at the Wharf that we could barely see Alcatraz and we could not see the Golden Gate bridge at all! Kind of a bummer…so we ate lunch and then walked to Pier 69. There we stopped for some Ghirardelli chocolate 🙂
SanFran5On our last day there we all decided that we didn’t want to leave San Francisco without seeing the Golden Gate bridge. So after our last conference session we hopped in a cab and headed for the bridge. To our dismay the bridge was completely covered in fog! Thankfully we stuck around because the fog lifted a little bit. Just enough to see some of the bridge.
SanFran6SanFran7SanFran8The next morning I headed out very early to fly back to Florida. It was a fun trip but I am super happy to be back home with my sweetheart!SanFran9


DC Trip: Part VI

This will be my final post from our DC trip! I still have lots of photos to post from the second half of our vacation spent in Charlottesville but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post those any time soon as I am headed out of town this weekend, but I’ll try my best!

Ann’s boyfriend Reza was kind enough to take us out on his boat. It had been a beautiful day, but just as we arrived to the boat it started to sprinkle and very soon after started to pour down rain! We were super bummed but that didn’t stop us! We went from bridge to bridge taking shelter until the rain cleared and we were able to dock at the Georgetown waterfront. From there we had dinner at PaperMoon, a yummy Italian restaurant. After dinner Reza took us on the boat to the Reagan International Airport where we could watch airplanes fly in literally right above our heads! It was super cool! I have no idea how we were allowed to be that close to where the planes fly in without security all over us!

DC Trip: Part V

In addition to seeing the monuments, we also stopped by the Library of Congress which was situated right next to the Capitol. Luke enjoyed reading the ancient Bibles and seeing the exhibit on the Civil War. Neither of us had ever been there before,  it was really beautiful inside…just wish we could have had more access to the books 🙂library-of-congresslibrary-of-congress2library-of-congres3library-of-congress4After the Library of Congress, Luke’s dad told us we should check out the Botanical Gardens across the way. Ann met up with us and we all enjoyed seeing the different types of plants. My favorite were the cacti!botanical-gardensbotanical-gardens2botanical-gardens3botanical-gardens4botanical-gardens5


Great Falls is one of my favorite places and I was super excited to take Luke there on our trip. Ann and I took him the scenic route through McLean and Great Falls, VA and as we were pulling up to the entrance we noticed it was blocked off! There was a woman there that told us the park was closed…we couldn’t believe it! We decided to drive Luke around some other areas and show him our old house and then try the park again. Thankfully, we lucked out and the park was open when we returned. Apparently it had been closed because it had reached its max capacity. I guess Great Falls is a popular place to hangout over Memorial Day weekend. Ann and I had fun climbing on the rocks and taking pics…but I’m pretty sure we scared Luke to death 🙂Great-FallsAfter spending time at Great Falls we headed to Reston Town Center, where I lived before moving to Ohio and meeting falling in love with Luke! I wanted to show him my old apartments and the Town Center. We started off with some wine at the Tasting Room followed by dinner at one of our favorite restaurants Rio Grande.RTC

DC Trip: Part III

While we were in DC we spent a couple days being tourists because Luke hadn’t been to Washington since his 8th grade field trip! So, we headed out one morning to tour the monuments and check out the Natural History Museum. Highlights included the WWII Memorial, scaffolding on the Washington Monument and the IMAX movie, The Ultimate Wave at the Natural History Museum 🙂MuseumsMuseums2

DC Trip: Part II

Our trip to DC began with Ann taking us for a tour around where she lives. She lives in the Navy Yards which used to be a not-so-nice part of town but has really been built up over the past few years. She lives within walking distance of the Nationals Stadium and the Capitol. In fact, you can see the capitol from the big windows in her condo. Unfortunately, as you can see from the picture below, there is some construction going on that is eventually going to totally block her view 😦
Eastern-MarketSunday morning we headed to St. Peters on the Hill where we met Kerstin, a friend of ours from Franciscan. She is now a counselor in McLean, VA and had just moved to the area a few days prior to our visit! Following Mass we had brunch at a cute French restaurant in a neat part of town. Then we headed over to Eastern Market where we browsed through the different booths. My favorite was the Polish pottery and jewelry. Ann and I each bought a pair of earrings for my brother’s wedding and Kerstin found these really awesome decorative panels to use as a headboard in her bedroom.Eastern-MarketSunday evening Ann and I went out to take photos at sunset and we came back to find Luke enjoying himself in the hot tub 🙂 So we continued our shoot with Luke as our model…I think he had fun!Hot-Tub

DC Trip: Part I

Luke and I returned from vacation about a week ago. We were in DC for five days with my sister and then we drove down to C-ville for my brother’s wedding. I took about a billion photos so I’m going to be posting them in installments. One of the evenings I was there, Ann and I decided to go out at sunset to practice taking backlit photos. By the time we left her place the sun was already setting so we only had about 20 minutes of light. Below are a few of my pretty sister! Ann was also practicing but she was using her own camera so all of the pics of me are on her camera except for one at the very end 🙂K-&-A-Backlit-photos

Jake’s Senior Photos

Luke and I were in Charlottesville, VA for my brothers wedding and while we were there I had the opportunity to take my cousins Senior photos. Jake was a good sport putting up with my sister and I telling him where to stand and how to pose. I hope you have an awesome senior year Jake!! 🙂