Finding the Light

So much of photography has to do with light. I’m still trying to understand it all so my friend Aimee offered to help me “find the light” one evening. We drove around town and ended up at this spot. It was actually a little cloudy out which was OK at first because the clouds worked as a natural diffuser. However, as the sun continued to go down a big cloud covered it up ending our photo session prematurely. Bummer!

AimeeAimee had been staying with us for a couple weeks finishing up work here in Florida before moving up to North Georgia. She is gone now and we miss her and her husband!! Two of our good “couple” friends moved this month 😦 We’re sad that they are gone but super happy for them. Below is a picture of Aimee and I at Clam Pass beach. She wanted to go to the beach one last time before leaving Florida. It was a gorgeous day. We thought we’d be chilly in swim suits so we opted for shorts and t-shirts. We ended up being really HOT! Should have known better 🙂Beach

Baby Agatha

Meet Agatha Lucy. Isn’t she the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen? Her parents, Molly and Nick moved down here after graduating from Franciscan University (where Luke and I met!) and I met them through a mutual friend. As it turned out Molly was in the same program with my roommate at Franciscan and we had met once before and I had a class with her husband. Small world 🙂 Congratulations Molly and Nick! Agatha is precious…May God continue to bless your family.Agatha