One Year Anniversary!

Happy One Year Anniversary to my sweet husband and I πŸ™‚ We were blessed to celebrate our anniversary at a fancy hotel outside of Hood River, Oregon called the Columbia Gorge Hotel. We had a couples massage, complimentary champagne and breakfast in bed! We are officially spoiled. Thank you to Luke’s parents, Ann and John! The hotel is about 2.5 hours outside of Luke’s hometown. Upon arrival we walked around the cute town of Hood River and grabbed some gluten free pizza…mmm, before heading to our hotel for the evening. We had an awesome time! Yay for one year! Can’t wait to celebrate many many more anniversaries! πŸ™‚columbiagorgehotel


11 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary!

  1. I just told someone yesterday that last year at that time we were celebrating your wedding. Was delivering some calendars to nursing homes and drove right by the reception house. Fun memories. Many Many More Happy Anniversaries Katie & Luke!!!!!

  2. I was looking at these pictures again and just love how you captured the moment and atmposhpere of the trip. I’m especially interetesd to know how you manage to get pictures of you and luke together! Do you have a ghost photographer i don’t know about?!

    • So sweet of you! Actually, I set the camera on a rock and used the self timer! Worked like a charm πŸ™‚ I wanted to try it again and get a shot of us with the waterfall in the background but that would require me setting my new fancy camera on the edge of a huge drop off and Luke wouldn’t let me risk it!

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