This is a little late…but Happy Thanksgiving!! Luke and I are so thankful that our family was able to travel down to see us here in Florida. Even my parent’s dog Lucy made the trip! We had such a fun week together hanging out, eating, going to the beach, eating, playing mini golf, eating, poker and did I mention eating?? 🙂 Check out our week in pictures.ThanksgivingWe took everyone to Clam Pass Beach. Our favorite beach in Naples. The weather was perfect! We spent hours lounging and throwing around the football followed by a delicious meal on the grill 🙂
Sunday morning we all went to Mass together before parting ways with the boys. They went to Luke’s favorite sports bar to watch football and us girls went downtown to walk around. Later that evening we all met up for dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, Pazzo.
Thanksgiving-3My brother Paul arrived a few days after everyone else so we took him back to the beach to catch the sunset…gorgeous!
Below are a few photos Luke snapped on his phone. My dad, brother and Luke all went golfing the day Paul got here. Check out the visitor they had, below. The other pics are from mini golf. I had three epic hole in ones!! But I lost…Paul came out on top!phonephotosThanksgiving day we received beautiful flowers from our family in Oregon. They were the perfect center piece! Thank you Ann, John, Laurie, Sean, Ian and Kevin! 🙂 It was fun having Thanksgiving at our place. We usually spend Thanksgiving with family in Kansas City and my aunts do all the cooking but since it was just a small group this year my mom and I did all the cooking. Everything turned out delish! We decided to cook the turkey on Luke’s beloved grill and it turned out great!Thanksgiving DayI hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Thank you Mom, Dad, Ann, Paul and Reza for making the trip down here…we miss you guys already! 🙂Mom and Dad

9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Katie, I REALLY enjoyed seeing all these pictures! Just gorgeous…. I’m so glad your family got to go down there. You are so talented to put this together. Thank you!

    • Thank you, Ann! I love that I can share our time here in Florida with all our family that lives far away. I’m so happy you enjoyed the pictures! Miss you guys….we are so excited for Christmas…just doesn’t feel like Christmas down here…at ALL!

  2. It was such a wonderful week! I’m so glad your family was able to come. I am blessed to have such wonderful in laws 🙂

  3. Brings back good memories…sure was nice to be together! Thanks for taking all those pics…I especially enjoyed the shots of Dad and Luke throwing the football and Reza napping on the beach!! 😉

  4. hahaha my favorite is the one of all three of them laying down at the beach! Very nice picture of Mom and Dad at the end 🙂 BTW- I see one or two that I snapped in there!!!!!

    • Hi Julia! I used Photoshop to format the photos and then saved them for web (as one big photo). I’m a graphic designers so I have all these fancy programs at my finger tips. There might be another way to do it…but I’m not sure! Wish I could be of more help!

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